Thursday, October 11, 2012



Mini Mohanan at Mute - 3 weeks ago
Never have I seen thy face
 Nor I heard your soothing voice
 In my fancies I rest my weary head
 On your shoulder with ease indeed

 As thy velvet fingers touch my face
 A deep smile flickers on my lips
 I find it hard to define or discern 
And I don't know the reason why 

Every morning wakes me up
 To pomp the infinite sky ahead
 I open my eyes from sleep to lime light
 To pomp the peaks of western ghats

 Where thou sent a lonely breeze
 To hug me with its thousand hands 
And the coffee blossoms white
 To welcome me with its glorious fragrance 

The green cloak of the paddy field 
Stretches its edge to horizon.
A narrow hub stream flows down
With a sleek ally river stripe

My Lord, you are there every where
But your face is hidden from me
From the core of reality and the flow of life
Let me soar high with glory to touch your feet of eternity.  

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