Friday, February 8, 2013


Life is a noble cloak
Put on by each soul on earth
May be silky, smooth or rough
But everyone should wear it with

We can wear it unstained
We're free to make its shape
We may sometimes tear or stitch it
We may lose its sheen or starch

Life is a puzzle board
With each and every columns unfilled
We may find the clues around
From the very first beginning of it

Life is a sacred game we play
A real game we play to lose
If opponents are our dear and near
Whom we never like to let down

Life is a restless journey of skills
To mend it fit for the world around
To shape the numberless hopes within
Before the bucket is kicked

Life is a gift of almighty
Never can buy or bargain for
Nor can we sell it for a penny
No trade will help us ever................

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