Monday, March 18, 2013

The Twilight

When the dusk falls upon
Darkness and silence
The close bosom friends
Reach everywhere,hand in hand.

In the twilight shade,

They conspire to play
The game of hide and seek
Where the dusk suffuses black in depth.

They hide among the foliage,

Near the well and in the water,
Inside the room,behind the cupboard
Under my bed and table cloth

When the power is out of reach

And the bulbs close their eyes
They come out with ease
Creeping into every nook and corner

It is the time the moon to rise

She comes like a little princess
With a candle lit in hand
Driving away the darkness on the way

It's the time for the birds to bid

Goodnight to the world around
And have a tight hug from sleep
to wake up to a better morning hope.

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