Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fire Flies

About the world 
With a positive mind
Which'll turn it 
Upside down

Around the world
With a lime light of love
Which'll show you
The reality 

To the whisper of nature
may be a breeze or drizzle
or a chirping sparrow
But so sweet

The way you're being loved
By the numberless earthen factors
For nothing in return
Expected for

All the sorrows in life
For the life is not to mourn
But may rock the days
With merry

Your heart full love with power
Which'll cost you nothing but fear
In the world of scare
But in care

The world of tears,full of grief
Without a second thought of pain
Which'll lead to vein
Without regrets

Come back
To the heart of people who love you
From the deepest heart of affection
With full of mighty love
To survive

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