Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ride With a Fairy

Come dear friend and compass the world
With me on one side in your flight
When all the mortals sleep in cold
Let me have a ride through the sight..

Keeping the greenish mountains afar
Going beyond the shimmery lake
Open the doors of heaven ajar
Take me to the ride along till they wake .

Let's bind upon this long ride
To cover the distance crude or rough
By keeping the thoughts of sighs aside
And filling the hearts with a better stuff

Oh sweet friend! Steer to the bower
Where the buds of mercy bloom
Spreading the sweetest fragrance for ever
To lift a mortal from the day of doom.

Let me listen to the music of clouds
Let me dance to the tongs and bones
By riding through the flowery roads
Where the little stars play before it dawns.

Oh friend ! Lead our path to the world of cheer
A world which is not in the darkness
But the words of blessings one can hear
Which comes out from the depth of kindness.