Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Dream World

Sleepless nights of thoughts
Take my heart afar
Through the narrow rustic path
Which leads to the mountain top

Wind blows here with might
In all directions right
Will take my body nowhere
But my soul remains to sway

Distant views of geometric figures
Divine patches of earthen job
There grows grain and green
To feed the humans here

It's beyond the border, the boundary line
Where two state distinguish
But the beauty binds the souls
Who speak two different languages

The long stretch of rolling mountains
With a veil of misty white
Tells the tales of high range life
In the fragrance of spices grown


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  2. Hi friends, I wrote this about Ramakkalmedu, A tourist attraction in Idukki Dt, situated near the boarder of Kerala and Tamilnadu

  3. Life sans vices
    As good as spices
    Life full of virtues
    Is a flower of fragrance

    Your poems are as good as the sweet fragrant flower of delight

  4. You proved words can do majic