Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Face to Face


The little girl in brimming wrath
Poured her rage in austere words
Towards the mighty sun at height
Shining with his splendid glaze

"What a ruthless rogue you are!

Spruce you think but that's absurd
Parching the farms and sumptuous flows
With your gaudy rays too hot

Killing my lovely friend who flows 
In to the heart of the land we live
Leaving her home from the yonder hills,
you rid our lush green farms and fields

What we cost is food and fact

And a cool breeze blows in bliss
To whom I rebuke for this stroke
None other than the saucy scamp

When you burnt our lush green woods

Always stood as a heart felt lay
And we lost our sweetest songs
Birds who sang in the thicket grove

The monsoon is in deep slumbers

In the soft and cosy womb of clouds
Fearing of your scorching heat 
Swallowing their whims to pour

We need water air and green 

We need forests without fire
Set your heart to save our earth
And curtail all perils you caused"

"Oh my sweetie, damsel dear

What you said is not so fair
It is not your words so right
me, not made your life so wretched.

It's but your siblings I say

Killed this planet with their greed
Just for simple pleasure and pride
Thinking never your life and lapse

Trees they slaughter,rivers they kill

What you lack is rain and revive
Pray them to cease their perilous pranks
Or else you will lose your earth"

Saying these word of endless love

In his cool and soothing sound
Leaving the paths of sublime sky
He vanished  beyond the folds of trees 


  1. Nice composition of a lover of Nature

    "What you said is not so clear(fair)
    Who made your life on earth so wrecked?"
    (Me,not made your life so wretched)

    See the suggested alternatives in the bracket.

  2. thanks a lot sir for the suggestion... I do follow it